Here's some stuff I've worked on:

Depth Beneath

April 2014

C#, Unity3D

This was a game I made for a 72 hour game jam with my friend Hannan. It was my first time doing a game jam like this and it was pretty fun. We placed 57th out of 1,004 entries and got 24th in the Fun category.

Play Depth Beneath

Voxel Terrain

Spring 2012

C++, OpenGL

This was my final project for my computer graphics course. It is procedurally generated voxel terrain, which is just a fancy phrase for Minecraft terrain. Terrain is generated using Perlin noise and is stored in chunks. And all of it is generated in real-time.

Functionality-wise, the user can only fly through the world and look at the terrain features. The blocks can't really be modified by the user. Hopefully, I'll have time to add this in later.

This was my first real experience with OpenGL and 3D graphics programming.

I made a couple of blog posts about this project here. In the link, you'll find videos and some details about changes I made through each revision. You can download the exe here.




This was a zombie game that I was working on for a bit. The objective of the game is to build up your zombie army by eating up people in the city. As your zombie mob got bigger, the people in the city would start calling for backup. Militia, cops, then army.

Most of the boilerplate stuff from the game is done with Slick2D. However, I did add my own A* and steering behavior implementations.

Because it's not really in a playable state, I don't have a runnable jar available. Sorry.



C++, DirectX, Lua

This is a strategy/typing game I made from the group part of the game programming course. As words fly across the screen, the player has to type them to gain energy. The player then uses this energy to spawn units and defeat his enemies.

For this project, I used Lua to script levels, scenes, and menus.

I wanted to make a typing game because I was learning Dvorak at the time and I thought making a game out of it would be a good way to learn it.

It was also a finalist in the Stony Brook Game Programming Competition but unfortunately didn't win.

You can find the worklog and link to download on our team homepage.

I woke up late and now I have to rocket jump pass zombies to get to class!


C++, DirectX, Lua

Here's a game I made as the individual project for my game programming course. The basic concept is the world got infected by zombies as I was sleeping and for some unknown reason, I decide to go to class. But a long the way I guess I find a rocket launcher and so I decide to rocket jump to class.

For this project, I learned how to use Lua and used it to do some basic data loading.

You can find the worklog and links to download here.

Riot Roundup



This was one of the first games I made. It is basically a clone of a minigame in a game on the PSP called Work Time Fun. The point of the game is to run around the city and collect as many people to join you in your riot in the park.

Download here.