Snowboard 08

30 December 2008

We finally got to go snowboarding even though the trip was nearly cancelled. It was a four day trip to Belleayre, a small but fun mountain. The conditions ranged from wet slushy snow to man-made snow over ice and super fog to bright sunshine. The ice sucked but it was pretty good overall. I finally learned to ride switch which is awesome. And this is how it went down.

Day One: Clear skies, loose granular.

We left early Friday morning after staying up the previous night playing Gunbound(we were bored, really really bored). A lot of people went: my mom, dad, Georo, Hannan, Quentin, Brian, Clifford, Kevin, Alpha and me. David was supposed to come but he was a little girl and stayed home. It was gonna be a long drive so we brought Tae Guk Gi with us. Ended up not watching it.There was a really nice sunrise on the way there. Got a couple of pictures of it. It was a pretty boring ride so the guys fell asleep.

We finally got to the mountain. The snow was okay, at least it wasn’t ice. Hannan has never gone snowboarding so on his first time off the chairlift, he did a face plant. It was pretty funny. I made a few runs and then we got stuck on the lift! We must’ve been there for at least 30 minutes.

Me and Georo did a couple runs at the upper mountain and that was the end of day one. I was pretty tired ‘cause it’s been a while since I last went snowboarding.

Day Two: Rain and Fog, Wet Snow.

The day started out kinda crappy. We woke up to rain so we decided to wait till it stopped to go up to the mountain. The snow got all wet but it wasn’t that bad. But the sky was FREAKING FOGGY.

I recorded Georo going down on the last run. He tried to hit a crap load of jumps but fell on nearly all of them. Turn the volume down, all you’re gonna hear is wind.

Day Three: Cloudy skies, slush.

The weather suddenly got a lot warmer on the third day, around the 40’s and 50’s. It caused a lot of the snow to melt and it formed puddles of slush and water everywhere making everyone get wet.

Some funny stuff happened today too. According to Hannan, Quentin got anal raped. Hahahaha.

I recorded Georo again but in the middle of it I fall cause I was trying to ride switch. Yeah, that wasn’t fun.

Then Georo recorded me, I fell again cause there was an unexpected pile snow there. Georo doesn’t know how to hold a camera.

And here’s a video of Hannan heelsliding his way down the mountain. Haha.

Day Four: Clear Skies, Ice Ice Ice.

The fourth day was so bad. The temperature got colder and the water and slush from the previous day froze and turned into ice. To add onto that, the edges on my board were super dull. I was slipping and sliding everywhere. Ice SUCKS. At least the temperature was cold enough for them to make snow but it still wasn’t enough to cover the ICEEEEEE.


Quentin got hurt again. This time he hurt his neck and had to be brought down by one of those sled things. I didn’t get to see it, wished I got it on video.

Overall, it was a pretty fun trip. The conditions weren’t as nice as I wanted them to be but its okay cause I finally learned to ride switch. Hopefully, we’ll get to go to somewhere more awesome next time like Vermont or maybe even Colorado or Utah.

I need new boots.