Movie hopping

04 February 2012

Went movie hopping today and saw four movies.

The first movie was Chronicle. This one was unexpectedly good. I was going into this thinking that it would be another crappy teens with super power movie (see Jumper) but man was I surprised.

Then I went over to watch The Woman in Black. It was a solid ghost story but had your typical horror movie scare tactics. I liked it though. The only thing that slightly bothered me was Daniel Radcliffe's role as a father. I couldn't help thinking, "THIS GUY IS HARRY POTTER DAMN IT."

The Grey was the third one and definitely my favorite out of the ones I watched today. Just a great story about survival and the toll it takes on human beings. It reminded me a lot of Alive, a similar movie that I liked. It was even referenced by one of the characters in The Grey.

WatchedMission Impossible: Ghost Protocol last. I missed the first couple minutes cause I  was waiting for the after credits scene for The Grey. I don't usually like action movies like these, but it was entertaining. Good action scenes, awesome gadgets, and a bit of humor here and there.

I think I could've did one more but there was nothing good to watch and I was tired of eating gummy bears and Milk Duds.

Note to future Chris: Do this again.