I don’t remember yesterday

05 February 2011

I think I suffered a concussion yesterday but I don’t remember. I’m going to try and make a timeline of events to try to remember what I did yesterday.

I drove to Hunter Mountain. I vaguely remember how I got there.

I stopped at McDonalds. Not sure what I ordered. I remember going to the restroom in there though.

Got to the mountain and parked the car somewhere near the six-person lift. I then suited up and put on my new kneepads. Had to take a crap so I went to the bathroom near the ticket counter, leaving my board on one of the racks.

Went back to snowboarding and saw that the line for the six-person lift was getting long so I went to the other lift. Thought to myself, “Shit this lift is so slow.”

I remember going up the lift a couple times, but I only remember snowboarding down once. And that was when I broke my binding strap.

Broke my binding strap by stepping on it while I was at the top of the mountain. Rode down the mountain with a broken strap and thought to myself, “It feels the same”. Brought it into the shop to get it fixed. I said, “Do you guys have replacement straps for Flow bindings?”. She said, “No but you can wait till my coworker gets back and we’ll see what we can do. You can wait in here or come back later.” I said, “I’ll come back later.” I went back later and the guy replaced the broken strap with another strap. There was no hole for the screw on the replacement strap so I said, “I don’t think it’ll fit”. He said, “I’ll make it fit” and continued to drill a whole in the strap.

I don’t remember anything that happened after this.

I don’t remember the snow conditions.

I don’t remember doing any runs.

I don’t remember the lifts closing.

I don’t remember looking for my car.

I don’t remember taking off my snow gear.

I don’t remember driving off the mountain.

I remember that I was low on gas but I don’t remember getting gas. I found a receipt in my wallet for \$75 worth of gas.

I remember drinking Iced Tea Lemonade but I don’t remember buying it.

I sort of remember driving home but I don’t remember what roads I took.

I think I ran a red light but I don’t remember.

I remember driving the car into the driveway, but not opening the gate.

I brought all my equipment in the house, to the basement.

Then, I went to bother my brother in his room.

I don’t remember taking off my contacts.

When my parents came home, I went to tell them that I don’t remember anything. My mom said I called her multiple times (my phone’s call log says 13). She said I called her once to tell her that I couldn’t find the car. I don’t remember that. Another time I asked her what kind of gas I should fill up the car with. I don’t remember that. She also said she called me at around 4:20 to ask me where I was and I responded by saying, “I don’t know who you are. Who are you? My head hurts.”

I ate some food, took some pills, and went to sleep.

And that is all I remember and don’t remember from yesterday. I woke up today with the top of my head hurting and neck sore. I’m guessing I fell while snowboarding, got a concussion, and am suffering from memory loss but I don’t remember. It’s weird because the things I do remember feel like they are parts of a dream. But I am sure it wasn’t just a dream because I have the receipts from the gas and the drink I bought, and the strap that the guy at the shop replaced.

Yesterday was the weirdest experience of my life.