18 March 2012

Builder mockup

Here is an unfinished mockup of a game I started making. The concept was pretty much tetris but you don't control the tetrominoes directly. You control a little construction robot worker that can catch, carry, and throw them. There would be a evil dude in the crane that would be dropping pieces to mess you up.

I started working on the game a few week ago. Currently, the player can run around, jump, pick up pieces, and throw pieces. It's not really in a playable state and I don't think I'm going to continue working on it. After implementing those basic player mechanics, I realized it wasn't that much fun. So I'm scraping it.

For me, the actual purpose of the project was to learn how to implement and use a entity-component system. It's a system where game entities are made up of different components (health, position, spatial) rather than being subclasses of a parent entity. I got that part of the game working so I guess it was worth working on.

Maybe I'll pick this up again at a later time. Probably not.