Apartment Automation Adventures Pt 2

01 July 2015

Installed the in-wall Z-Wave switch for my bedroom lights today. It's this little device that sits behind the light switch in the junction box and allows you to turn any light switch into a Z-Wave connected one. That's nice cause I like the way my light switches look. Most of the Z-Wave enabled switches I've seen look like crap.

I've installed light switches before, but I was a little afraid when hooking up this device. If I hooked it up incorrectly, I could've blown it up and I'd be out $35. Or worst case scenario my apartment burns down. So I made sure to triple check my wiring with the documentation before turning the breaker back on.

In the end, it went pretty smoothly. I did have an issue with the light status not reporting correctly when I flipped the physical switch but that was just a configuration problem. I had to make sure to set the association groups for the device so that it would report the status back to the controller.

Next step is installing these for the rest of my lights. And then maybe figuring out how to get my ancient AC units connected to the system.