30 April 2015

I rebuilt my site using pelican. I wanted to simplify things a bit so I switched from using Wordpress to a static site generator. I picked pelican cause I already knew some python and the feature set seemed decent. It has a wordpress importer which sped things up a bit.

The source for this site is on github if you'd like to take a peek. The theme is on github too.

And since the entire site is static (no db, no server-side scripting), I can host this on github pages. Which is prettttttty awesome because now I don't need to pay and fiddle around with a webhost.

Hope nothing is broken.

LD29: Depth Beneath

29 April 2014


I made this game with Hannan in 72 hours for this thing called ludum dare. Play.

Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics

05 December 2013


I ordered a pair of shoes last week that was slated to arrive Monday. They never showed up. So I checked the UPS tracking info to see what the heck happened. It just said, "The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day". Thinking that they'd just deliver the thing tomorrow (like it said in the message), I just put it off as some UPS nonsense and decided to wait for it to arrive on Tuesday.

Tuesday comes, doesn't show up. Wednesday, doesn't show up. Each day the UPS tracking info page updates at 10:00 pm saying the same exact message: "The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day." Surely, something must have gone wrong. I give Zappos a call and they say to just wait it out and if it doesn't arrive, just give them another call.

So I wait another day and guess what.. the shoes still haven't arrived. I call up Zappos again, explain my situation, and the guy says they'll just send another pair free of charge (btw, great customer support). The very second I get off the phone, some guy comes to the door and rings the bell. It's the UPS guy. With my shoes. That I ordered last week.

I end up calling Zappos for the third time to explain my matter of great coincidental timing and tell them to cancel that order they made just two minutes prior.

So that's my exciting ordering shoes online story.


05 November 2013

Some guy I used to be good friends with instant-messaged me today. It was totally unexpected and weird and cool. Sent me down this spiral of looking up people from my past (which was difficult cause I don't use/have facebook). It was strange seeing people I haven't even thought about in years again. It was depressing.

I had this theory when I was kid that when you flew on an airplane to some destination on the other side of the planet, that the airplane wasn't actually moving, but the world outside was being reconstructed into the destination. Further places took longer because the landscapes, cultures, people were more different than places closer to where you were currently. What a stupid fucking self-centered idea.

Note to past Chris: you are/were stupid. Note to future Chris: do something.


04 November 2013

Ignore creepy face.


09 July 2013


Here is a non-random list of stuff about this keyboard:

  • I built this keyboard.
  • It was fun.
  • I got the parts from Massdrop.
  • It was my first time soldering.
  • I messed up some of the soldering as you can see from the pics. But everything works!
  • It has Cherry MX Clear switches. I'm not sure if I like them. Too heavy. I think I'm gonna switch 'em.
  • I wish there was another column of keys so my "|\" key isn't in a stupid place.
  • My WPM dropped since using the Ergodox. I blame the Clear switches.
  • But it's pretty comfortable.
  • Building this was the nerdiest (geekiest?) thing I have ever done in my life.

More pics:


20 August 2012

Voxel Terrain 3

07 May 2012

Here it is. The completed final project for my computer graphics course.


  • Textures stolen from JohnSmith Texture Pack for Minecraft (please don't sue me)
  • Trees!
  • Awesomer caves
  • Better lighting
  • Faster (~350 FPS if chunks aren't loading)

Download here, if you want to play around with it. However, I can't guarantee it will work with your machine cause the only ones I've tested it on is my desktop and my laptop. And both are pretty beefy machines. So, good luck.


Voxel Terrain 2

14 April 2012

I had to demo my progress to my professor this week so I worked on it a lot. Some changes I made are:

"Infinite" terrain. The world is now made of chunks of voxels. I add and remove chunks from a chunk buffer so that only chunks around the player are actually loaded and drawn. The generating is done asynchronously so it doesn't kill the framerate.

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104 WPM!

02 April 2012

104 wpm in typeracer

I finally broke a typing speed of 100 words per minute using Dvorak!